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Meet your health Coach

Morning Sun, LLC is  a company that blends an holistic approach for health and well-being.  Whether it is creating positive change through Integrative Health Coaching, finding balance with Polarity Therapy or energizing your body and spirit with juice cleansing retreats,  Morning Sun owner, Beth Winn wants to partner with you to create a life full of possibilities, living in harmony with your best self!

Beth Winn, BA, NBC-HWC

B.A. Religious studies and English

Duke Certified Integrative Health Coach

National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Owner of Morning Sun LLC

Certificate of Achievement in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Polarity Practitioner

Beth Winn, owner of Morning Sun LLC has dedicated her life to health and wellness.  Raising three children with goat milk  (from their family herd), chickens for fresh eggs and an organic garden, Beth has put her energy into learning and growing her knowledge of health and wellness.  Beth believes that each day presents us with an opportunity to make choices that create and sustain a life of health, vitality, joy, peace and happiness.  Beth would love to partner with you to make a transformative difference in your life and to support you as you embrace the dawning of a new day! 

I'm here to help you succeed.

​Beth Winn has been coaching me for years because it comes naturally to her.   During and after her training at Duke she refined her technique and professionalism.   I am fortunate to have had a couple of different issues to work on with Beth during this time.    Her well-placed questions are in line with some of the best counseling that I have received.   I learned so much about myself in trying to discern how to move forward with my specific issues.   I have recommended her to my friends and will be glad to recommend to anyone.    Beth is the best in so many ways!

Charles Hickerson

Franklinville, NC



Fresh food, fresh start.

Get strong and motivated!




National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach


Duke Certified

Integrative Health Coach



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